YouTube reveals mobile live-streaming is coming very soon

YouTube reveals mobile live-streaming is coming very soon


YouTube has announced that its very own live-streaming feature is coming to the mobile app and will be available to all users very soon. With this feature, users will be able to broadcast live video from their mobile devices by just hitting a button.

The announcement was made at VidCon where the company showcased a quick demo of how the feature works. The interface looks very similar to Periscope which includes viewer comments scrolling up the screen in speech bubbles. The live broadcast interface also includes a viewer count, a like count, and a button to switch between the front and rear cameras. You can also take a photo before you begin your live stream to add it as a banner for your broadcast.

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While Facebook and Periscope already have this feature rolling out to the public, YouTube claims that thanks to its infrastructure, it will have an upper hand over its competitors. The Google owned video streaming company has one of the biggest chunk of video content available today which also means that it has a wider range of audience. When the new feature is rolled out, users will be able to search live broadcasts just like they have been searching for recorded videos. YouTube also claims that when this feature is rolled out, it will be faster and more reliable than any other live streaming product out there.

Currently the live-streaming feature is available to only a few YouTube content creators, including AIB, and it will be rolled out for the public users soon.

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