Without a UAN, you can get PF money, this is the easiest way.

Without a UAN, you can get PF money, this is the easiest way.

With EPF (Employee Provident Fund) you can withdraw money after maturity or if required (as per the rule). However, there are so many people who have not activated either UAN or they do not have their own UAN address. Such people do not have the option of online withdrawal. However, he can fill the offline form and deposit it in the EPFO’s office.

Offline settlement takes a little bit longer than online. After submission of the form, the settlement has to wait. Employees who have UAN have to fill different forms according to need. How can the EPF be claimed without a UAN?

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When can you withdraw money from the EPF

You can partial or complete withdrawal of your money with your EPF. With EPF, you can withdraw entire money only when you retire or remain unemployed for more than 1 month. In the case of unemployment, to withdraw money from the EPF, you will have to prove with a gazetted officer that you have been unemployed for more than 1 month. Under certain circumstances you can partial withdrawal from your EPF account. These terms are:

From here you will have to download the form without having todownload the formwithout withdrawing money from the UAN’s EPF. For this you can go to https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/WhichClaimForm.php#Q3 this link. Here’s one thing to understand that the new composite claim form (Aadhaar) can only be deposited by the concerned EPFO ​​office without certifying it.

Please also tell you that if you partial withdrawals according to the conditions shown in the table above, then you will not need to give any certificates or documents with the form. You can prove it yourself.

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