WhatsApp users can now share any type of file over the app

WhatsApp users can now share any type of file over the app

WhatsApp users can now share any type of file, including APK files and zipped folders over the platform.

WhatsApp users are used to sharing a lot of data over the app. While images, videos, and GIFs are the most popular formats for sharing, users have long since wished to share other format files over the app too. WhatsApp did permit sharing word documents and PDF files over the platform but no other file type was supported. Till recently that is. In one of the biggest updates to the app, WhatsApp users can now share all types of files with any user.

WhatsApp has started rolling out the new updated version and if you haven’t received it already, it will arrive soon. The WhatsApp pages on Android and iOS markets is updated with the new feature. There is a limit to the size of the file that can be shared over the platform. Surprisingly, the limit is different for Android and iOS users. Android users can share files with a maximum size of 100MB whereas, for iOS users, the limit is slightly higher at 128MB. The features were already available in Android beta versions but are only now officially being rolled out.

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Along with the ability to share any type of file, WhatsApp users will also be able to bundle files together. Meaning, the users can create an album of images for sharing. Earlier this year, WhatsApp increase the image sharing limit from 10 to 30. The bundled media feature was already available to iOS users but is new to Android. Once the album is opened, all WhatsApp images in that album can be seen on the same page, making it more convenient. Also, it eliminated the need to download each image separately. WhatsApp update also mentions that the images will not be compressed and will retain their original size.

Chat formatting is the next feature. Though WhatsApp users could edit text with effects like Bold and Strikethrough, the latest update makes it easier. Users simply need to select the text they wish to edit and the formatting tools will be presented. Using the tools, users can edit the text with the desired effects. All in-app media files will be shown on swiping up using the in-app camera. Answering a WhatsApp call has also changed with users swiping up instead of sideways to answer a call. The last feature is only available to Android users for now.

Apart from mentioning the above changes, the ‘What’s New’ section on Google Play also mentions additional design changes to WhatsApp. While most users seem happy with the update, many users over Reddit are questioning WhatsApp over the mass sharing of APK files. If the files are spammy or come with malware, it will be easy to corrupt and affect smartphones. Especially as WhatsApp groups are extremely popular, it is can be dangerous to download any and every file shared without checking with the sender what it contains.

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