WhatsApp Status: How to download your friend’s video on your phone

WhatsApp Status: How to download your friend’s video on your phone

WhatsApp keeps adding new features to make the instant messaging platform more popular and user-friendly on both Android and Apple platforms. Among all of its features, the users are so addicted to WhatsApp Status feature that “how to download WhatsApp status” has become a top search trend in the search engines.

The WhatsApp Status can comprise of an image, video or a GIF file. WhatsApp servers once got jammed due to a heavy load of Indians sending ‘Good Morning’ messages with an image, said a report.

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Some of the users like the files they see on WhatsApp Status and wish to download them. However, the Facebook-owned company does not allow users to download the image or video posted on the WhatsApp Status.

Although there isn’t an official method to save images and videos, here are some workarounds for ‘downloading’ a WhatsApp Status:

Screen recording:
The users can take a screenshot of the images put up as WhatsApp Status to further re-publish it as their own status. However, taking screenshots are not going to work for the videos. There are a number of apps on both Google Play and Apple Store that allow users to record the video playing on their phone screen.

While some smartphones have this feature in-built, the users can download an app with good ratings for screen recording. Open the app and set the preferences such as video resolution and more. Now, turn on screen recording and open WhatsApp and then play the Status you want to be save.

At the end of the video, stop the screen recording. The saved video can be accessed from your phone’s gallery or file manager.

WhatsApp Status Downloader:
There are a number of applications that let you download the WhatsApp Status of your contacts to your phone. However, such apps require certain permissions and may intercept on your privacy. The users should put in some time to pick the app which is best suited for them. The chosen app needs to be linked to your WhatsApp account.

The downloader app will have access to your contacts and the Statuses they have posted. Whenever you open a Status video, the downloader app will show a button to download it. The downloaded video can be viewed from phone’s gallery.

File manager:
Android smartphones contain some obstinate folders that cannot be deleted. These folders generally keep the necessary files related to the apps installed on your phone. WhatsApp too such a folder of its own that keeps a cache file of all the images, videos, and GIF images you see when opening a Status.

The users can reach out to ‘.statuses’ folder from where they can copy and move the desired files to some other folder on your phone.

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