Whatsapp is deleting these accounts find out if you are safe

Whatsapp is deleting these accounts find out if you are safe

Instant messaging app WhatsApp ( WhatsApp ) is deleted every month 20 million account from your platform. This step is being taken to curb the problem of Fake News. Whatsapp has given the information about deleting an account through a white paper.

Whatsapp also said that its platform is dependent on its users to report such accounts which are bulk sending a large number of messages.

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Taking machine learning support

Whatsapp also uses machine learning to decide on the suspicion of accounts. According to a Forbes report, if the unusual activity is detected, approximately 95 percent of the WhatsApp Ads are deleted.

Different purpose for message sharing of every user

According to Forbes’ VentureBeat, a spokeswoman for WhatSAP said that as seen with any messaging platform, people sometimes misuse the Whatsapp service.

Further, some users want to share click links such as Bit Links, which are designed to track people’s personal information. At the same time some other people want to encourage ideas.

Without considering this, automated and bulk messaging breaks the terms of services for WhatsApp, and the company’s priority is to prevent the misuse of its platform.


Source:- financialexpress



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