Welcome Coloured Airpods: Apple Airpods in 58 Colours

Welcome Coloured Airpods: Apple Airpods in 58 Colours

Apple Inc doesn’t offer much when it comes to colours and it currently offers AirPods only in white colour. However, if owning ordinary shiny white AirPods is not your cup of tea then it is time to rejoice. Aftermarket colouring service provider ColorWare has come up with an option where users can customise their AirPods in as many as 58 different colours.

According to 9to5Mac, users can customise both the left and right earbuds of AirPods from a choice of 58 colours. Also, it is not necessary that the two buds match each other. One can choose between matte and glossy finish for their AirPods.

Moreover, there is an option of opting for either a solid colour or metallic hues in a variety of blues, greens, reds, pinks, oranges and greys.

Users can go ahead and customise the case available with the AirPods albeit at an additional cost.

However, it would be a pricey deal with costs starting at $289 for customisation of a pair of earbuds only. To customise the colour of the case, one has to spend an additional $30 onto that price for a total of $319.

A website in January started offering BlackPods or black coloured AirPods that they claimed are customised and are “hand-finished” by a team of skilled artisans based in Brooklyn, New York City. BlackPods is the firm that sells jet black ‘AirPods’ for nothing less than $249, which is $90 more than the Apple AirPods.

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