Want To Use Netflix Free? These are the ways

Want To Use Netflix Free? These are the ways

These days, Netflix has a lot of craze in India and the company is constantly preparing content for India. Like Amazon Prime, Netflix has to pay for the subscription. However, Amazon is expensive from Prime Video. One month you can use Netflix free, you know it.For this, you have to sign up and enter your card details. Netflix is ​​free for one month after this.

One month has passed, after which you will have to pay for the subscription every month.If you want this free, you have to adopt some methods which are official. Mobile will still be used. Airtel and Vodafone offer Netflix for their users.

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Airtel postpaid: If you have a postpaid number of Airtel, you will first get free netflix subscription for up to three months. If your plan is 499 or above then you are eligible for this offer. For this you have to go to the Airtel TV app’s Thanks page. This is for new old NetFlix customers.

Vodafone Postpaid: If you are a Vodafone Postpaid user, you can also get NetFlix free subscription. If you are buying Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 Series smartphone, then Vodafone will get Netflix’s subscription free for a year. For this, you have to keep Vodafone red plan.

If you are not taking the Galaxy S10 and you have a postpaid Vodafone yet you will get free Netflix. But only for 2 months. For this, you have to take Vodafone’s RED International plan, which is Rs 999. With this plan two month’s NetFlix is ​​available for Amazon Prime subscription for one year.

ACT Fibernet: The company is operating on Netflix for the customers of Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. That is, if you use the Internet of ACT FiberNet, you will get a cashback of 350 rupees every month on receiving a Netflix subscription. This will be added to the ACT account.

TIP: An option with Netflix is ​​that you can use an account in four devices simultaneously. So if you plan for Rs 1000 and run it in four devices, obviously these are cheaper options for you. Sharing with friends can also be a good option.


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