Use this app to see deleted WhatsApp messages

Use this app to see deleted WhatsApp messages

An Android app called WhatsRemoved allows you to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

It keeps a tab on WhatsApp messages through your smartphone’s notification system, so your notification alerts for all WhatsApp chats should be enabled for the app to intercept and retrieve deleted texts.

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It essentially reads your notifications, copies incoming WhatsApp messages, and even when someone deletes a message, it can show you a copy of it.

Just open the app and follow the prompts

Download WhatsRemoved from the Google Play Store. Select one of three installation types: detect deleted messages and files (recommended), detect only deleted messages, detect deleted files without knowing who sent them.

Next, give the app permission to access your phone’s photos, media, and files.

Finally, enable the “Notification Listener Service” and allow the app to “read notification data” without which it cannot work.

The app has an all-inclusive access to your notifications

The app has an all-inclusive access to your notifications

The app will automatically retrieve and notify you of any deleted messages in your WhatsApp chats. You can read deleted messages straight from its notification bar.

It can also retrieve deleted media files like audio clips, though this might not be successful all the time.

“WhatsRemoved does not use your messages for commercial purposes of any kind,” the app states.

The app completely (and unfairly) undermines WhatsApp’s delete message feature

Earlier, users could not delete a message after 7 minutes of sending it, but now the time frame has been increased to 68 minutes and 16 seconds.

WhatsRemoved takes advantage of this to preserve deleted texts timely.

Notably, the sender of the deleted text has no information of his messages getting copied by an app. Privacy threat, anyone?


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