The live video feed is shown alongside a stream of tweets around the topic. The test was conducted with the association of Wimbledon and ESPN. ESPN provided the content for the test, which is normally available only to ESPN customers. ESPN calls the content that Twitter showed as “Live @ Wimbledon”, according to a report in Fortune. This was the first time that Twitter livecasted a sporting event, although it has previously purchased rights to broadcast NFL for $10 million, according to a report in Engadget.

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Having the content right next to the Twitter stream is a great idea. It puts consumption and reaction in the same place, side by side. If such a feature would be introduced in India, then users could watch a live stream of a cricket match, and tweet about it in a window just beside it, as and when interesting moments happen. This is another attempt in a series of moves aimed to revitalise the underperforming company.

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