Twitter is ‘down for everyone’

Twitter is ‘down for everyone’

The down status comes on the eve of US Presidential Election.

Twitter client on for desktops, smartphones, and TweetDeck is ‘DOWN for everyone.’

According to isitdownrightnow –a monitoring agent that displays service status activity of popular websites like Netflix, Facebook, Youtube and Google–Twitter has been down for the last 30 mins at the time of writing this article. This includes twitter for smartphones, desktop PC and even the dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts, TweetDeck. However, the down status on for the social media website is sporadic on all three platforms.

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Last month, Twitter announced that it has shut down services for its Vine app. The decision was taken in the wake of stagnant user grown. After the announcement, Pornhub showed interest in the popular 6-second video sharing app, stating that ‘6-seconds is all you need.’app.

The down status comes on the eve of US Presidential Election. Considering that the Twitter is chosen social media platform for displaying political ideologies, it is highly likely that the website has crashed with the added strain on its servers.

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