Twitch begins beta testing HTML player

Twitch begins beta testing HTML player


Twitch has started moving from Flash to HTML5. An HTML player is one of the most requested features by users of the popular video game streaming service. A gradual beta rollout is planned, starting with Twitch Turbo subscribers.

To begin the transition from Flash to HTML5, Twitch is starting by moving only the controls of the video player. The underlying video is still being delivered in Flash. However, changing the interface elements to HTML5 is an important step in moving towards a complete HTML5 video player.

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Every Twitch feature is designed to work with Flash, so moving to a complete HTML5 delivery requires porting each of those Flash features to HTML5. Twitch is planning to move to a complete HTML5 player, but there is no time for this transition announced as yet.

The HTML5 player is efficient when it comes to consuming resources of the machine. Even in its current form, the new player uses only a fraction of the memory and CPU compared to the Flash player. However, the player can be optimised further. This means that the videos will load faster, and play back smoother as compared to the Flash player. Twitch users will get an alert if the new player is available to them.

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