Top Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android

Top Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android

Android is one of the best platform where you can perform lots of cool things like multi tasking and lots more cool things. So have a look on all these apps discussed below.

Top Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android

Here we had listed 5 best apps that will make your device interface more cool. So refer the apps with their description and download the apps in your device.

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#1 Omni SwipeApp 1

The best of the all multitasking apps that you can download as this is the ultimate tool that provides you access to your favorite apps,folders,all notifications etc. and all that at the one single place that you can access with just a toggle on the small icon of this app. This app could make the multitasking a real fun as it provides really great functionality with awesomely integrated design.

#2 EasyTouchApp 2

A floating add on to your screen, this box like floating app provides mostly the same functions as that you get on the iPhone.On clicking this box you can access the favorite apps,notifications,shortcuts etc. that you has pre added to it. Using this app is really simple as this provides the simplest ever design that can be accessed even by single tap only.

#3 Swipeup UtilityApp 3

Decide up the gestures for various tasks and this app will do the same for you.Using swipe up you can even change the function of your home button also. This apps can help you create different swipe gestures for mostly every task so you should give it a try.

#4 Link BubbleApp 4

Keep using the current app that you are using and don’t bother about opening any link. This app helps you to open any link outside in the background and you can go on working on the current application that you was using. This app hence makes it easy for you to handle two tasks at the same time.

#5 EAS (Easy app switcher)App 5

This is a type of app switcher floating icon that helps you to switch between two different apps that you has recently used. You can access it through the floating swipe style icon on your screen. Just tap on it and you will get the options of the apps that you can switch between.
So above are Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android. The smartphones become smart only when you learn to use their features in a smarter way. This can be done by installing the best apps that can also make your working on the smartphone very easy and could also help you to make the tasks handling easier. The apps that are given above can be used to do so and therefore you should also give these a try.


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