These upcoming features aim to make playing PUBG faster and smoother

These upcoming features aim to make playing PUBG faster and smoother

PUBG, the immensely popular battle royalegame from Tencent Games, has managed to gain a stronghold in the gaming world ever since its launch last year. The game has gone from strength to strength and has garnered millions of fans across the world. At the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018, a Mumbai team took home Rs 15 lakh as prize money after emerging as victors in the finals held in Bengaluru. PUBG Corp’s major game update scheduled for today will add some new features to the game and in this article, we’ll tell you about how it plans to make your PUBG experience faster and smoother.

Playing PUBG may get lag-free

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In the upcoming features, the company has planned to resolve the lagging problems faced by many upon encountering players from afar. Lagging issues encountered while opening the inventory will also be fixed.

PUBG will also get a feature that will allow downloading only the different files when updating a map. For example, suppose if the game client is version 090 after the update, then only 13MB will be needed for the Miramar map instead of 300MB.

Less loading time for PUBG

Apart from these features, other fixes include reduced loading time when launching and a decreased memory usage in lobby. Some game-crashing issues have been resolved along with blurry screen problems encountered on some handsets. PUBG will also come with an improved game update feature and several issues that may lead to failure of updates will be fixed.

With the above mentioned new features and fixes, the game will also get a new gun, a new vehicle and several weapon improvements. To add some zing to the game’s playing conditions, PUBG is also getting a Night Mode for its Erangel map with new additions to the gear like Night Vision Goggles. To know more about Night Mode in PUBG, click here.

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