The woes of being a paying guest: Digital world can come to the rescue

The woes of being a paying guest: Digital world can come to the rescue

By  Pankhuri Shrivastava

Paying Guest aka PGs … either you have lived there or know someone who has. With the ever growing student and young professional populace in India, PGs have grown to become the most sought after accommodation choice. Annually, a significant migrant population flow in and out of metros, creating a growing space crunch; thereby, fuelling India’s PG business. The concept of PGs has been around for ages and has evolved, often differing from city to city. Today, the lines between ‘PGs’ and ‘Shared Accommodation’ are blurring with changing lifestyle and millennial needs.

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So, how is this business faring and what is the service quality of PGs? With PGs mushrooming in very city corner, it is hard ignore the fact that as owners or seekers we are facing the ‘PG Syndrome’ or as we Bengalureans like to call it ‘Adjust Maadi’ attitude. Whether setting up or looking for an accommodation, there are factors that impact our decision – credibility, amenities, type of roommates, service quality and so on. Often, we comprise on the wrong things.

Here is what the ideal order of priority should be when PG hunting:

Let us face it, we are all addicted to some device or the other and end up putting ‘Internet’ above all else. This is the shocking reality we live in. Despite scary news reports, we still seem to pick our favourite show over our own safety. It is, therefore, vital you chose credibility over amenities. Check safety provisions before settling in – CCTVs, surrounding areas, closest police station, owner credibility and the PG itself. Did you know, PGs need to be licensed? Check if a PG has been certified; registered PGs come with an assured set of basics. Registered PGs give you a rent receipt, so no more tax proof problems!

Amenities and service quality
This is one area where we compromise the most, compared to the above it is fine to do it here. The definition of amenities has also undergone a huge change. It is no longer just about F&B and bedding, but rather Wi-Fi, power back, parking spot, individual TVs, induction stove and much more. However, this section is subjective, depending on the individual’s need and most importantly budget. The best way to go about this, it to make a ‘must have’ list and be realistic. For example, if you get good food in your college/office canteen, your breakfast and lunch is set. Then pick a PG that has a kitchen and get your chef hat on.

Roomie chronicles
You either love them or hate them. How do you deal with roommates who are just not compatible? Finding the right roommate is like finding a soulmate, and we are not exaggerating! Compatibility issues differ from person to city and age group. You can circumvent this problem through the ‘test and trial’ method. If you know another friend moving to the same city, you could move in together. But if you are new to the city, then test and trial is the only way out. You could, however, ask the owner about your roommates. If they go to the same college or are the same age, you already have something in common. Also, check regarding their shift timings and pick a roommate that suits you.

Therefore, finding the right PG is matter of making the right choices. We live in an age, where PGs are a click away. So make the best of it. Choose PGs that are part of a big rental brand or affiliated to a credible brand name. Look for reviews, check and double-check safety amenities and post queries on open forums. Most importantly know when and how much to compromise, or you will end up with the PG syndrome.

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