The simple trick that will help you save 89% on the latest gadgets

The simple trick that will help you save 89% on the latest gadgets

Indian nationals save thousands using this trick

A brand new, simple trick has led to thousands of people in India buying the latest gadgets at a fraction of the retail price. Thanks to this new site, having the latest phones and tablets is now a reality without having to spend an arm and a leg.

MadBid are buying a big bulk of the India warehouse closeout and liquidation stock at rock bottom prices and pass on the huge discounts to their customers. This means they can afford to sell brand new iPhone’s for as little as $40 and still make a profit!

How to beat the bookies
Neeraj Mitra paid $90.54 for his brand new iPad 3 mini (name and image have been changed for privacy purposes)

accessories, I’d only been bidding for about 5 minutes when the auction ended, I was ‘over the moon’ as they say, I couldn’t stop smiling, I’m still smiling now and will still be smiling tomorrow.”

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How quickly do MadBid get new released models?

Because of the way MadBid source their products (mainly liquidation auctions) and the high discounts they want to pass back to their customers, it takes a few weeks for them to get the latest products after the release dates but the prices definitely make up for it. A source working in one of the largest high street retail shops told Daily Times “The new craze is to shop online now. Our shops are getting emptier by the day and competition has turned into a war zone. Savvier shoppers have started using services like and we simply can’t compete with their prices.”

MadBid has become such a threat to mainstream retailers, they are trying to shut the site down. Another source from the same company reported “ is a disaster for high street shops and even the major online outlets. The more people who find out about the site the more money retailers will lose. My managers are very worried about this site.

Madbid is an innovative, bid shopping website that provides you that rush, with or without the purchase. Snagging a bargain comes down to two options, luck or choice, and both can save you a fortune if you get in there at the right time.

MadBid shoppers

We have tracked down hundreds of MadBid shoppers who all said they would never return to the conventional shopping methods. We spoke to one of their users who bought brand new Mini One car worth over $12,000 for just $6.83 in a MadBid auction! Sandeep Anantharaman said “I just couldn’t believe it, my £6 Mini was a dream come true.”

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