The secret of the blue ink of the election, know the expense of every drop in the voters’ fingertips

The secret of the blue ink of the election, know the expense of every drop in the voters’ fingertips

Indelible Ink: The Election Commission i.e. the Election Commission is fully prepared for the preparation of elections. In this order, the Commission has ordered the blue ink to be placed on the fingers of the voters. The Commission has ordered the company for a total of 26 lakh ink bottles. The price of this ink used for about 90 million people will be around Rs. 33 crores. After all, what is the secret of this blue ink, how much does it cost every drop, know in the report….

How much of ink
The government has ordered a total of 2.6 million files and every bottle has 10 ml ink. The total expenditure on 26 lakh bottles is about 33 crore ie about 127 rupees per bottle. In this case, the price of 10 ml will be Rs 127 and 1 liter will be around 12,700 rupees. At the same time talk about a drop of one ML, then it will cost 12.7 rupees.

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Indelible Ink: How much spent on every voter
33 crore rupees are being spent on ink for a total of 90 million voters in the country. In this case, every voter will be charged Rs 2.7 in this election on the ink.

Ink is made in India
This ink is made in India only. The company named Mysore Paint and Varnish Limited (MVPL) produces this ink. The company does not sell it in retail, the company only supplies it to the government or the election related agencies. People know this as Election Ink or Indelible Inc. This can not be eradicated for several days, since the voter can not vote again in the same election. That is, its purpose is to make the election process transparent.

Blue ink’s specialty
If the ink is found on metal, wood or paper with hand, then it can not be erased immediately after millions of attempts. Chemical like common thinner is also used in this ink is neutralized. The company also exports ink to countries like Canada, Cambodia, Maldives, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey. The company was started in 1937 by the then royal family of Mysore. Later it came under Karnataka Government.


Source:- financialexpress



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