The latest Microsoft Windows Insider Preview brings enhanced handwriting support

The latest Microsoft Windows Insider Preview brings enhanced handwriting support

Microsoft’s latest Insider Preview for the lucky minority in the Fast Ring brings a with it a whole slew of improvements and updates.

The latest Insider Preview build, numbered 14367, has already started rolling out. Here are some key highlights from the preview:

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Handwriting support

The latest build brings support for handwriting recognition in 23 languages on PC and mobile. These languages include Malay, Swahili, Xhosa, Chinese and more. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be Hindi support just yet.

Visual feedback

Now, you’ll be able to take a screenshot and submit feedback simultaneously. The preview builds are for testing after all. Hitting Win + F will take a screenshot of your PC and open the feedback hub. You can then choose whether or not you want to submit that feedback.

Windows 10 Mobile users can use the Vol. Down + Power button to achieve the same.

A fresh start

Since you’ll be reinstalling Windows very frequently on the Insider track, the new build will give you an in-built tool to completely wipe and reinstall Windows. The Settings window already has an option to do this, but the new tool is apparently much simpler to use.

Miscellaneous improvements

A number of issues have also been fixed. Cross-device notifications have been fixed, as has emoji support. Microsoft has also added on/off indicators in the Quick Actions panel.

Windows Mobile also sees a whole slew of improvements and tweaks. Notably, there’s now improved support for high DPI screens and the Quick Actions panel.

The Kids Corner feature has been kicked out of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft suggests that the few of you who actually use it can try the App Corner option.

The list of changes is huge and if you’re interested, you can peruse through them here.

Members of Microsoft’s Insider Fast Ring are the first members of the public to receive beta versions of Microsoft’s software. These members have been explicitly approved by Microsoft’s own internal Ring of testers.



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