Text selection and image search coming to Google Now on Tap

Text selection and image search coming to Google Now on Tap

Text selection and image search coming to Google Now on Tap

Google has released info giving details about some upcoming features for its Now on Tap search feature. Now on Tap was released with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, where users could just touch and hold the home button to quickly scan what’s on their screen and get more information without having to leave the current task.

With the latest update which is coming very soon, Google will add the ability select the exact word or phrase for which you want more info and even get info about images or photos.

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Using the Now on Tap feature in an app, email, chat, or news article with a lot of text lead to results that were not accurate as the search tool didn’t pick the right words. With the new update, this would be much more precise as one would be able to select text and then ping Google for the information. The best example would be when someone wants to know the meaning of a word in a long article, by simply selecting that word and firing up Google Nowon Tap, the definition of that specific word would appear.

Another new feature that is coming to the context search feature is the ability to use Now on Tap search of an image or a photograph. These could be images from your browser or an app like Facebook or Pinterest. The new update will also allow you to use your camera’s viewfinder to search for landmarks, monuments, logos and even scan a magazine page or a movie poster.

The new update has started to roll out and is expected to arrive in a week or two. The selective text search will currently support English with other languages coming in a few weeks.

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