Telegram is rolling out Live Location, a new media player and a new ‘localisation platform’ for translation

Telegram is rolling out Live Location, a new media player and a new ‘localisation platform’ for translation

Cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram is rolling out a number of new features in its latest version, Telegram 4.4.

The new features rolling out as the part of the update include ‘Live Locations’, a new Media player, more languages along with a new translation platform, and improved group chats. These features will be available with version 4.4 for the app and the update is rolling out for both Android and iOS at the time of writing.

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‘Live Location’ allows users to share their location with other Telegram users using the app. This is helpful for the user who want to coordinate with each other for a large gathering or event. Users can share their location with another user or group for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 8 hours. One thing to note here is that the Live Location can be shared with both individuals as well as group chats. To share the ‘Live Location’, users need to select ‘Location’ option in the ‘Attachment’ menu. Other users in a group can see your ‘Live Location’ if you share it in that particular group.

The messaging platform has also redesigned the ‘in-app’ audio player improving the playback support for MP3 audio files along with other music files that you will receive using the app. Telegram has uploaded some free music files on their @cctracks channel. Once a user downloads any audio file, they need to tap on the play button to start the audio playback. They can tap on the ‘title of the playing track’; to access the cover image and the playlist of that particular chat.

Telegram also announced that is launching a new ‘translation platform’ for Telegram apps. As part of this new platform, users can use the platform to suggest alternative words or phrases for translation of elements inside the app. Users can visit the platform to suggest alternative translations or even vote for the alternatives suggested by other users. The company pointed out that it can push the new translations using server-side changes. This means that users no longer need to wait for the next app update just to update the translations inside their apps. The benefit of this ‘community-driven effort’ means that Telegram developers will no longer need to wait for all the translations to finish before pushing out new updates.

Last but not the least, the platform also announced improvements to Telegram group chat experience. The company pointed out that users can now easily check who the administrator of the group  is, with the new badge. Administrators for Telegram supergroups now have the option to control if new members can see ‘earlier message history’ of that group.



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