SBI Card: Big Benefit! New facility launched by SBI Card – What users must know

SBI Card: Big Benefit! New facility launched by SBI Card – What users must know

SBI Card, which is one of the country’s leading credit card issuers, has announced the launch of ‘SBI Card Pay’. The new feature will allow contactless payment facility through mobile phones at Point of Sale (PoS) terminals. With SBI Card Pay, customers will now be able to make contactless payments at Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled PoS terminals with just one tap of their mobiles, without using the physical credit card or entering any PIN.

According to the official statement, SBI Card Pay is a payment feature based on Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology for faster, convenient and more secure card payments using mobile phones. Notably, the contactless SBI credit cards, powered by Visa Contactless/Mastercard Contactless, is also a fast and convenient way to pay for everyday purchases. customers just need to tap their SBI Credit Card on a POS machine to make a contactless payment. Hence, they do not need to swipe or dip their credit card.

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“As a first of its kind payment solution in India, it is built as part of the SBI Card mobile app providing ease to customers to use just one app to manage their credit card account as well as make contactless payments,” the statement said.

Currently, other HCE enabled apps to allow per transaction limit of up to Rs 2,000 and a daily transaction limit of up to Rs 10,000, restricting the effective usage of this feature, but the SBI Card Pay will allow customers to set desired per transaction and daily transaction limits.

The SBI Card Pay users will have to do a one-time registration of their card on the latest version of SBI Card mobile app, and once the process is completed, they would be able to make payments simply by unlocking their phone screen and bringing the mobile device near the PoS machine.

Notably, the facility has been launched on the VISA platform and it will function on any Android smartphone with Android OS KitKat version 4.4 and above.

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