Safety features top priority for women travellers: Oyo

Safety features top priority for women travellers: Oyo
MUMBAI: With more and more women travelling independently, a recent study has revealed that safety is a major determining factor while deciding on a destination.

“Women have listed safety as the biggest determining factor while deciding on a travel destination,” according to a study done by largest hotel company Oyo.

The study was conducted among women in the age group between 18-60 across different locations in India, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Odisha, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

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It found that 53% respondents travelled for both work and leisure, while 37% took trips only for leisure.

About 27% respondents said they preferred travelling solo, of which 36% said they enjoyed it but 33 per cent opined that they had to opt for it because it was difficult matching schedules with friends or companions, it said.

Women ranked friends (57%) higher than family (51%) as ‘preferred travel companions’, but partners reigned supreme for them at 62%, the study said.

While deciding on a destination, personal research through internet and magazines ranked highest (78%) than recommendations from friends and family (51%).

Social media, it said, came third (32%) and movies trailed the last (12%) when it came to sparking travel inspiration.
Contrary to expectations, the study said, 69% women opted for budget hotels over five-star accommodations (18%) while 6% preferred to stay in a hostel while travelling.
“Women are a significant set of travellers – undertaking travel for both personal and business reasons. Not surprisingly, 80 per cent women reported that they take charge of their travel plans, often in consultation with friends or family.

“About 52% reported that they liked taking impulsive trips – but interestingly more than half listed accommodation as their biggest concern,” Oyo COO Abhinav Sinha added.



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