Reliance Jio Plans and Tariffs You Need to Know About

Reliance Jio Plans and Tariffs You Need to Know About

Reliance Jio Plans and Tariffs You Need to Know About

Reliance Jio services will open up to everyone from Monday, after the telco showcased tariff plans that promises to shake up the telecom industry. At launch, Jio’s various plans were outlined and with the validity period mentioned it became clear these were prepaid. Later, seven postpaid plans were also revealed, with the same rates as the prepaid plans (with taxes extra). A detailed look at Reliance Jio’s postpaid plans confirmed all the rates and benefits, and revealed one postpaid plan with per second billing for voice calls.

On all the other Reliance Jio plans, voice calls are completely free, with no limits mentioned on voice usage. Data is in line with the plans shown on Thursday – you have plans starting from Rs. 149 per month offering 300MB of data, all the way up to Rs. 4,999 per month, offering 75GB of data. The plans are a little more expensive than prepaid plans because you’ll have to pay tax on top of the listed price, however the validity of prepaid plans is for 28 days, while you’ll be paying per month with these plans. All seven of the data plans offer free voice calls, whether local or STD, and offer free roaming. They all also offer 100 free national and local SMS per day, and a free subscription to the Reliance Jio apps bouquet.

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Here’s a full breakdown of the Reliance Jio postpaid plans:

Rs. 199 – 300MB 4G Rs. 499 – 4GB 4G + 8GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM
Rs. 999 – 10GB 4G + 20GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
Rs. 1,499 – 20GB 4G + 40GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
Rs. 2,499 – 35GB 4G + 70GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
Rs. 3,999 – 60GB 4G + 120GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
Rs. 4,999 – 75GB 4G + 150GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)

All these plans come with free access to the various Jio apps, such as JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, and so on. Using the apps does count against your data though – the app subscription (valued by the company at Rs. 15,000 per year) is the only thing that’s free here.

And what happens once you cross your data limit? Reliance Jio meters every 10KB you use, and charges you for the next higher pulse. And if you use more than your Wi-Fi limit at a Jio public hotspot, you’ll be paying Rs. 50 per GB for continued use. Of course, for now, we get the “one time special benefit” of no monthly rental until December 31, 2016. This comes with a daily usage limit of 4GB 4G data, after which speed is throttled to 128Kbps.

Interestingly, Reliance Jio also has one plan where you do not get any data bundled – you can sign up for Rs. 31 per month, at which point you only get calls at 2 paise per second and video calls at 5 paise per second – on roaming the rate goes to 80 paise per minute for local outgoing, Rs. 1.15 per minute for STD outgoing, and 25 paise/ 38 paise/ Rs. 5 for local/ STD/ ISD SMS.

With the other plans, you’ll have to pay Rs. 5 for international SMS, and you’ll have to pay the same rates as above for SMS within India, after you exceed your limit of 100 messages in a day.

On the plus side, Reliance Jio is not charging anything to onboard users – there are no registration charges, no enrolment fees or advance rentals, and no security deposits except for international roaming, where you have to pay (refundable) Rs. 4,000.

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