PUBG v0.9.0 update : Deadlier grenades and other improvements

PUBG v0.9.0 update : Deadlier grenades and other improvements

The recent PUBG update v0.9.0 has introduced several new features in various sections of the game like weather, weapons, vehicles etc. The update also brings new crew and room features. Several matchmaking improvements have also been made and a spectator mode has been added that lets you spectate the opponent after you are killed in the game. Now, it has become easier to find players that speak the same language as you and as such, enter the battle royale game with hopes of better coordination and chances of getting the elusive ‘chicken dinner’.

Apart from the major changes that you will easily be able to see in the game, there are also some other new improvements. For example, using grenades and Molotov cocktails effectively. In this article, we will tell you about these improvements.

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Grenades and Molotov cocktails are more dangerous now

The new update has enabled players to switch between standing/crouching/lying down, or overhand/underhand when the grenade is triggered. You can now throw the grenades while standing sideways.

– The damage of Frag grenades has been upped and they cause tinnitus.

– The damage of Molotov cocktails has also been increased and these can now go through wooden doors. They can be detonated by firearms. Upon explosion, the fire will spread on wooden floors.

– A larger frontal area is now impacted by a Stun grenade attack. The whiteout effects have been improved.

Other improvements

– If you frequently get caught in the water by enemies’ bullets while trying to get ashore, then easily get killed and are loath to try that out again, there is good news for you. After the update, bullets now pierce through water but their damage to targets underwater has been decreased.

– A health bar animation (while losing or recovering health) has been added.

– The map marks on the Spawn Island will not disappear from now on after players enter the aircraft.

– The mini-map will be actively scaled as per your location and movement in the match.

– More icons have been added in ‘kill broadcast’

– The 8 main directions on the compass can now be easily recognized.

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