PUBG Mobile: Now you can earn UC for free

PUBG Mobile: Now you can earn UC for free

UC (Unknown Cash) currency in PUBG Mobile is something players crave to get rare skins and outfits. While it is not necessary for you to buy UC to play PUBG and you can carry on playing with three or four new items from regular apparel being made available to you as you level up, having UC lets you bring some novelty in the game. For in-game purchases, players have to spend their cash over the items indirectly by purchasing UC. Until now, UC could only be earned by paying real money or through the premium royal pass. But now, you can earn the UC for free through the India Bonus Challenge that has been rolled out by Tencent for PUBG Mobile.

If you open the India Bonus Challenge section for the very the first time, you’ll get one bonus voucher and 100 battle coins. This bonus voucher can be used to register for the challenge.

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Exchange battle coins for UC packs

You’ll see that there are three ranks: Novice, Adept and Expert and they cost one, two and three bonus vouchers or 10, 20 and 30 UC respectively. You may earn up to 300 points in Novice, up to 1000 in Adept and 1500 points in Expert. Each kill while playing in Novice mode gets you 15 points, while in Adept, each kill gets you 30 point. In the Expert mode, you’ll get 45 points for each kill. These points can be converted to battle coins as one point is equivalent to 1 battle coin.

After registration is done, you’ll be notified of the same. You can redeem the earnings by going to the Redeem Rewards section and exchange battle coins for UC Packs, outfits, skins and bonus vouchers.


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