PUBG Mobile: How to Convert Battle Coin to Unknown Cash Currency Through India Bonus Challenge

PUBG Mobile: How to Convert Battle Coin to Unknown Cash Currency Through India Bonus Challenge

After the much-hyped addition of ‘Survive Till Dawn’ Zombie mode, Tencent Games added the India Bonus Challenge to PUBG Mobile. It was previously said that through the challenge players would be able to earn Battle Coins (BC) which could be exchanged for Unknown Cash (UC) as well as rare outfits and skins.

For those who don’t know, UC can only be earned by paying actual money in the game or through the premium Royal Pass. The Bonus Challenge enables players to finally make use of their skills and earn the currency which can be used to buy rare items in the game including clothing, skins, etc.

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The feature is now active and here’s a quick guide on how you can earn UC.

First, you need to head into the India Bonus Challenge section which is under the trophy icon on the main menu. When you open the mode for the first time, you get one Bonus Voucher and 100 Battle Coins. Using the Bonus Voucher or a certain amount of UC, one can register for the challenge. There are a total of three tiers -Novice, Adept and Expert ranks which cost one, two and three bonus vouchers or 10, 20 and 30 UC respectively.

Players can earn up to 300 points in Novice, up to 1000 when playing in Adept and 1500 points when playing Expert tiers. Each kill you get in the Novice mode fetches 15 points, while Adept players get 30 and Expert players get 45 points. One point is equivalent to 1 Battle Coin. Your final earnings depends on the rank, total number of participants and your final rank and kills in a match.

Once you have registered, all players are divided into their particular tiers and are notified about their match. Failing to play the match disqualifies the entry. Earnings can be redeemed under the Redeem Rewards section at the bottom. You can exchange Battle Coins for UC Packs, outfits, skins and Bonus Vouchers. The section also shows results and rankings as well as a help section that gives complete details of the Bonus Challenge.

The information was previously shared by popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming. Here’s a quick video posted by him around the India Bonus Challenge.


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