Porsche to hire 1,400 employees for e-car development

Porsche to hire 1,400 employees for e-car development


Tesla is not the only company building electric cars as a number of traditional car makers like Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW and even Nissan have been working on their own electric cars for quite some time now. While sports car makers haven’t look very enthusiastic about the new technology, Porsche is probably the only one who has been vocal about it.

In fact, the company had announced its e-car project titled Porsche Mission E at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor show and had also mentioned a task force of 1000 people would be employed for it with $1 billion investment for its plant. Today we hearing that the Volkswagen backed up sports car maker has increased that number to 1,400 which now include 900 production staff, 300 salaried workers and 200 engineers. To compete with likes of Google and Apple, it will further boost the number of apprenticeship by half to 220.

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The Porsche Mission E will be based on a concept car that was showcased with a 600bhp, 800-volt engine last year during the announcement. This was a four-door sports car with a similar to the Panamera only a lot more futuristic. The car had subtle curves and fine details, especially the front and back LED lights. Porsche had claimed that it could finish the world famous Nurburgring in less than eight minutes which is quite a number for an all-electric car. How fast is it? Well Porsche says the Mission E will pass 62mph in less than 3.5 seconds while the top speed will be more than 155mph.

The company hopes to start production by the year 2020, but if the original is going to be anything like the concept, it is going to be worth the wait.

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