OPPO F7 will feature a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

OPPO F7 will feature a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

A new ‘Selfie Expert’ is in making which is expected to forever change the way we capture selfies. Once again OPPO is the company behind the new smartphone, which is built on the success of OPPO F5, OPPO F3 Plus, OPPO A83 and other handsets from the company that showed the world what a smartphone’s front camera can achieve.

This time the stakes are even higher. The new OPPO F7 is expected to bring some never before seen features built right into the 25MP front-facing camera of the smartphone. We have managed to gather some information on the noteworthy features of the new OPPO F7, which is set to launch on March 26, 2018 in the Indian market. Let’s have a closer look.OPPO F7 to offer a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

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25MP Front-facing Camera

The new OPPO F7 will bring higher megapixel count and upgraded Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The better sensor and improved AI technology is injected to capture images which will be brighter, clearer and more life-like. The front-facing camera on OPPO F7 will be smart enough to understand the available light and make the most out of it to deliver selfies of unmatched quality.

Real-time HDR mode to tackle challenging light conditions

Smartphone cameras, especially the front-facing cameras fail to deliver good results in uneven lighting. The sensors just couldn’t respond well to harsh light and often capture blurry, underexposed or overexposed images. OPPO F7 is expected to change this with the all now intelligent selfie shooter. The 25MP AI camera will come equipped with real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which will result in better image output in challenging light conditions. What this means is that the new Selfie Expert will make it possible to capture crisp selfie images with accurate colors even in uneven lighting.

In simpler words, the real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology on OPPO F7 is bound to ensurebetter selfie effects under extreme lighting conditions, especially with challenging back-light conditions.OPPO F7 to offer a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

Improved AI Beauty 2.0 Mode

We witnessed the first ever smarter Beautify technology with OPPO F5. With the upcoming OPPO F7, the company’s AI Beauty mode that self-learns and recognizes the differences between skin tones and color, age, gender of subjects within an image is going to get a big boost. The AI Beauty 2.0 mode in OPPO F7 will better understand its subjects and make appropriate and relevant beautification enhancements wherever required. The new technology will work even better in avoiding unnatural enhancements such as feminine enhancements on male subjects and vice versa. It is expected that the OPPO F7 will deliver the best-in-class life-like self portraits based on complex AI algorithms.OPPO F7 to offer a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers and Cover Shot Feature

If the above mentioned features don’t excite you, then you should also know that the new OPPO F7 will also have the ability to create interactive AR stickers. In addition to AI technology, the 25MP smart camera on OPPO F7 will also come equipped with the ability to create Augment Reality objects in real-life. This will allow you to add interactive animated objects in native surroundings with just on tap on the camera app. Besides, the new OPPO F7’s camera will also have Cover Shot feature. We don’t have any concrete information on it but it is expected to improve the image output every time you press the camera shutter.

A.I. photo album management

OPPO is extending the AI reach to other important aspects of the smartphone. The new OPPO F7 is expected to come with a smart Photo album to better manage your cherished memories. The smart photo album will utilize complex AI algorithms to offer effortless management and navigation to sort and find a particular image in your phone’s gallery.OPPO F7 to offer a smarter AI Selfie camera and a head turning design

Head turning design

OPPO F7 will not just set new benchmarks in selfie camera department, the smartphone will also turn tables in design and display category. OPPO F7 will offer the best-in-class screen-to-body ratio by sporting a bezel-less design that will instantly turn eyeballs. The front of the handset is just screen with a small notch at the top to house the earpiece and selfie camera sensor.

Resultant, the edge-to-edge screen on OPPO F7 is bound to deliver the most immersive video playback and gaming experience on an Android smartphone.

With all such exclusive features, OPPO F7 will probablybring the best selfie camera and the most immersive display on a smartphone in its respective price-point. We will keep a close eye on the upcoming launch event of the new Selfie Expert to deliver important updates to you.

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