OnePlus 3 has another durability video, but don’t try it at home

OnePlus 3 has another durability video, but don’t try it at home

OnePlus 3 is the new flagship killer from the Chinese technology start-up OnePlus. OnePlus 3 ditches the sandstone body we saw in the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2.
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Durability tests on smartphones? They make for great videos, but can often be the undoing of a brand. Let’s not forget Apple and the bend-gate that happened with iPhone 6 Plus, when a video of the phone getting bent went viral. Apple said only nine iPhones had a ‘bending’ problem, and while there’s no real evidence you can bend your iPhone (unless you actually sit on it for hours), it made for a great story on the internet. And durability tests are something most smartphone companies try to pitch as their forte. Xiaomi has been doing such tests with their devices for some time now, subjecting their Redmi and Mi phones to all sorts of conditions, and claiming the phone will continue to work even if it takes a significant beating. And in the videos, most of these phones do continue to work.

Now, OnePlus has released a new ‘durability’ video of its flagship OnePlus 3 surviving a number of these tests. The video shows bend, drop, twist, tumble, impact, button stress, weather, USB stress and sensor accuracy calibration tests being performed on OnePlus 3. OnePlus claims the smartphone survived even after going through rigorous tests and worked perfectly fine. Sounds pretty wonderful, right? Planning to do so some pressure testing on your OnePlus 3? Well as the video warns in the beginning, “The following video features tests conducted by professionals performed in a dedicated environment. Please do not attempt to recreate or conduct any of these tests at home.” So, yeah, don’t try this at home.  There’s a good chance your OnePlus 3 will break or crack and your warranty will go void.

The problem is durability tests make for excellent videos, but for an actual user end up serving no purpose. In our own office, we’ve seen phones crack easily, even if they’ve not been dropped from a great height. Or a phone’s body get dented because we dropped it from the table or it slipped from our hands. And then there are times when nothing happens to the phone, even though it’s been treated very badly, thrown in a bag with keys and other stuff piled on top.

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No matter what the durability tests say the advice for all phones remains the same: Get a tempered glass, because if you shatter the front display of your phone (especially when it’s all glass on the front), replacing it will be a problem. And get a case or a cover, even if it hides your lovely pink iPhone 6s or blue Samsung S7 edge. You will drop it, and at some point things will crack. In OnePlus 3’s case, durability video aside, this advice remains the same.

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Interestingly, OnePlus even posted a video of the new flagship being thrown from a height of 750 feet and the phone survived with only a few scratches. Sure sounds great and looks good on video, but we’d suggest you not take such risks with your own OnePlus 3 or in fact any other phone. Durability tests are for those who can afford them.

OnePlus 3 runs the latest Snapdragon 820 processor clocked at 2.15 Ghz and comes with 6GB RAM. OnePlus 3 is available in the 64GB storage space options, with dual-SIM 4G support. In India, the OnePlus 3 is Amazon exclusive and costs Rs 27,999. It has a 3,000 mAh battery and has a 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera.

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