Nokia 2 durability tests proves the device has Nokia’s trademark build

Nokia 2 durability tests proves the device has Nokia’s trademark build

Last week, we saw the durability test of the Nokia 3 showing that the entry-level smartphone features a pretty strong build quality. Now, it is the turn of the Nokia 2 that is the recent entry-level smartphone from HMD Global.

The Nokia 2 is a budget smartphone that went official in late October. Despite this fact, the smartphone seems to feature Nokia’s trademark durable build. We say so as the durability test video of the Nokia 2 carried out by Zack Jerry and published by the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything shows that the smartphone scales through the scratch, bend and burn test with flying colors.

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The test video as seen below shows the Nokia 2 subjected to several tests. The first one is the scratch test in which the device is scratched with a Mohs hardness pick set, a razor blade and keys to estimate is resistance to the scratches. The video shows that the display and selfie camera with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection is pretty effective. Notably, this protection is pretty uncommon on the low-end smartphones. The device could resist scratches till the rating of six but the display is seen to be mutilated by sand.

At the rear, the LED flash and rear camera have a glass protective cover instead of plastic on the Nokia 3. The earpiece features a thin sheet of vinyl protection. The power button, volume rockets and other parts of the Nokia 2 are made of metal.

The next is the burn test in which a lighter fire was placed close to the display and it took just five seconds for the pixels to turn black. The good thing about the same is that display recovered in a few seconds. The display is an IPS LCD panel, which is an advantage as the AMOLED displays take a longer time to recover when subjected to the same burn test.

In the bend test, the Nokia 2 is seen to be capable of withstanding extreme force from both the front and rear. The device does not appear in its overall durability test with its solid build.


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