No one will see your Aadhaar number, UIDAI gives facility of masked base; Learn Process

No one will see your Aadhaar number, UIDAI gives facility of masked base; Learn Process

UIDAI also offers masked support to make the base more secure. The masked base means that you can cover your base number. In this case only the last 4 digits of the base number are visible. However, other information including your photo and QR code will continue to be visible.

The facility of masked base is  available only at eAadhaar . To download it, click on the masked base option while downloading eAadhaar. The masked base is also valid as any other ID proof.

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how to download masked aadhaar

How to Download Masked eAdhaar

  • First go to
  • After that click on the download basis in the Mai Base section.
  • Here you first choose the base number, the virtual Aadhaar card or the enrollment ID, whatever you have.
  • After this, the general base and the option of the masked base will be seen from where choose the masked base.
  • Next, enter the Aadhar number, Virtual Aadhaar card or the Enrollment ID in the given space.
  • After this, enter your name, postal code, security code, and request for OTP. This link will come from your OTP base to your mobile number.
  • Enter the received OTP and click on the download basis.
  • After this download the Masked Aadhaar card.

how to download masked aadhaar

Password Protected file

The e-copy of the base is password protected. Its password is based on the first 4 letters (capitalized) and birth year of your name in English. However, if someone’s name is only 3 characters then there will be three letters and birth year passwords.

About eAadhaar

eAadhaar password is an electronic copy of the secure basis. This is the digital signature of UIDAI. According to the Aadhaar Act, eAadhar is valid equal to the physical copy of the base for all purposes.



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