New Apple patent hints at touch sensitive stylus

New Apple patent hints at touch sensitive stylus


While launching the iPad Pro in September 2015, Apple also introduced the Apple Pencil. It was supposed to be a stylus that accompanied Apple’s new productivity tablet, which also came with a keyboard. Now, according to a patent filing by Apple, it is revealed that a new type of Pencil may be in the offering.

Image: United States Patent and Trademark Office                                                         Image: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Spotted by Apple Insider, the new patent adds touch sensitivity to the stylus, detecting pressure applied while sketching or drawing. Finer details revealed in the patent document highlight touch, force and accelerometer sensors within the stylus. By adding touch and force sensors, the device is able to simultaneously track factors such as the user’s grip of the Pencil, the pressure being applied as well as the orientation of the stylus itself.

Apple Stylus Touch finger                                                         Image: United States Patent and Trademark Office

In the illustrations submitted along with the patent application, several touch sensitive regions in the stylus are visible. The description in the application indicates that the stylus could detect the movement of the stylus. For instance, if a user is rotating the stylus, or flicks a finger across the edge of the stylus, the user could adjust the brush size.

Apple Insider also reports that a new version of iOS with an ambidextrous UI could compensate for the larger devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the 6s Plus. With the new UI, the OS could detect whether a user is using his/her left or right hand to operate the device, and in effect get a more personalised experience.

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