What MRF is looking to deliver is a community driven social network and since most bikers are mobile most of the time, a mobile app made for the perfect addition to the well-designed web portal.

I used the iOS version (both are identical) of the app and it shows plenty of promise provided it finds its userbase (currently at 30,000 users). The app compliments the website and offers similar features but it was the level of granular details, that really made for a well-polished offering.

MRF Ride Along iOS app

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Open the app and you are greeted with a simple introduction showing off why it exists and what its out to achieve. Once you scroll past that you are greeted with a user interface that has some simlarities with the website.

MRF Ride Along iOS app Home

You have two sliders on the top (that do nothing for now) and 4 tiles below that let you delve into different part of the social network.

MRF Ride Along iOS app Ride Ideas A

Tapping on the Ride Ideas lets you check out some really cool trips. The trips are sorted by city and region and give out a lot of details like the distance covered, the type of roads it covers (highway) along with the ‘Rider level’ (experience required) and the ‘Type of rider’ as well. There is even a tiny ‘Info’ tab that gives users of the app, an idea about what each category means.

MRF Ride Along iOS app Ride Ideas B

Scrolling a bit lower in the section gets you more details about the Ride Idea like the pictures along with descriptions and points of interest that you will come across along the way for a particular trip.

At the bottom of the same page one will also find an Interested and Share button. This simply allows riders to share the ride details with friends and also gather more people who are interested in the trip.

MRF Ride Along iOS app Ride Diaries

The Ride Diaries button basically links to blog, and features plenty of biker stories you can sit and read through on the days that you aren’t riding. There is quite a bit of content some of which is generated by the company and many from users themselves. Out on the home page the Create a Ride Story helps you connect either your Facebook and Google account and pen down your latest bike trip. For now,creating a Ride Store will also let you collect loyalty points that can let you win some MRF merchandise.

MRF Ride Along iOS app MRF Zone

The MRF Zone button basically is a company sponsored page that is surprisingly informative and gives tips on tyre wear and tear along with a few do’s and don’ts. There are even tips about buying new tyres like what to choose, etc.

MRF Ride Along iOS app Community Basics

Community Basics section basically puts down all the rules and guidelines about the app in one place.

All-in-all, the MRF Ride Along app seems to have achieved the purpose of its existence. It is well-designed and as a biker, it will get you to make some like-minded biker friends. More importantly, the app works not just for the seasoned biker, but also the the newbie who wants to join a group.

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