Microsoft just updated OneDrive with a bunch of new features, including an automatic album feature, an “on this day” feature, and a Pokémon detector that automatically catalogs all screenshots taken of Pokémon Go.

Automatic Albums are generated when a user takes a series of photos over a short span of time at a particular locations. The best photos are selected automatically, and put into an album that can be shared online. The “On this day” feature shows previous photos that have been taken on the same day in the past. This adds an instant does of nostalgia every time you open the application.

There is an improved search feature, now accessible easily from the home screen. Tags of photos can be searched, as well as the location. The search bar now accepts emoji as input. There is now a photos folders feature, which was a basic feature demanded by users to store a large number of images. There folders are displayed as a series of thumbnails below a banner image, called the “hero image”.

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The coolest feature of the bunch of updates, is the Poké detector. OneDrive now detects screenshots taken through Pokémon Go. Additionally, OneDrive can also identify the 150 individual Pokémon, and these can be searched for.