Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts hacked by Ourmine

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts hacked by Ourmine

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts hacked by Ourmine

Ourmine, a hacking group that targets high profile entities has hacked Mark Zuckerberg. The group posted an update on its site, revealing the old and new Twitter passwords of Mark Zuckerberg. After the previous hack, Zuckerberg has added two factor authentication to his Twitter account. The Pinterest page of Zuckerberg was defaced with the group claiming the hack, and a link back to their site.ourmine-hacks-zuckerberg-01

This is the second time this year that Ourmine has hacked Zuckerberg. In June this year, Ourmine had hacked the Twitter and Pinterest accounts owned by Zuckerberg. Ourmine claims to have used private methods for the hacks, not related to database leaks. However, there was a massive breach of Pinterest two years ago, and the Linked in password dump was used previously by Ourmine to compromise accounts held by Zuckerberg. This is what the previous hack looked like:

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Following the defacing, Ourmine emailed a CNet reporter informing him of the hack. Ourmine had also claimed that the Instagram account held by Zuckerberg was compromised. However, in a statement that Facebook gave to VentureBeat, there seems to be no such intrusion. The compromised accounts have been restored, and the defacement removed.

Ourmine also peddles security services

Previously, Ourmine had hacked Buzzfeed news and left cryptic messages on the site. Ourmine compromised the Quora account of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. At the height of the Pokémon GO craze, Ourmine claimed to have launched a dedicated denial of service attack against the Pokémon GO servers, but the servers were struggling because of legitimate traffic itself. Ourmine compromised the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Ourmine has also compromised the Twitter account of ex Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. Ourmine apparently wants to increase awareness about information security with the string of high profile hacks.


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