Lost your things in Uber ride? Here’s how to get it back

Lost your things in Uber ride? Here’s how to get it back

Uber recently launched a list of things that its users have forgotten on their rides. From Baby Chihuahua to Mannequins, the list is full of hilarious items including Deer antlers and a welding helmet (yes, you read that right!) and more usual stuff such as keys, wallets etc. Thankfully, there is a way to get back the lost items with as much as few clicks.

Uber offers a way to track and get back your lost stuff at the convenience of its mobile application. Under the menu icon in the Uber app, select the ride in which the possession was lost, click ‘Report an issue with this trip’ tab and check ‘I lost an item’ option. Once this is done, Uber helps you connect with the driver of the ride.

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Uber released its annual Lost & Found Index. Here are things riders left behind:

• Baby chihuahua • 18k gold teeth set • Salmon head • Babe Ruth signed baseball • Mannequin • Elvis cape • Deer antlers and a welding helmet • One Gucci flip flop

Meanwhile, Uber’s third annual Lost & Found index said that phone, camera, wallet, keys, purse, backpack, clothing, glasses, headphones, IDs and license are the most forgotten things in an Uber ride. It even shared 50 odd items that Uber riders left behind.

It even revealed the most forgetful cities and most forgetful timings of the day. While Bangalore people are the most generous, leaving their stuff around, New Delhi follows with Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata as reported by PTI. Afternoons for Indians don’t work well as most of the things that were lost were during 1-3 pm. Globally, “Uber riders are most forgetful on Saturdays and Sundays, and late at night — between 11 pm and 1 am,” Uber index reported.

The most forgetful days for 2018 were 1 September, followed by 9 June, 2 September, 15 July and 8 September.


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