Learn How to Shop for Free

Learn How to Shop for Free

Are you a couponing newbie struggling to make ends meet and want to learn how to coupon or a regular couponer looking to take it up to the next level?

We are here to help! We post daily deals and cover many stores but sometimes that gets overwhelming. If you want to learn at your own leisure

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Get the book How to Shop for Free. You can pick this book up n Amazon or at your local bookstore. But if money is tight just stop by your local library and check it out.

If you are  more a visual learner and want to have more of a class one on one setting then the How to Shop for Free Coupon Class DVD may be your best option.  You can only get the Coupon Class dvd on Amazon.

You can also get a copy of the PBS fundraising special .

Or if you spend a lot of time driving around in your car the audio book may be more up your alley.


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