Items getting costlier and cheaper from today – Here’s the list

Items getting costlier and cheaper from today – Here’s the list

New Delhi: From the next fiscal year, that is from today, a lot of things of your daily needs as well as things of your comfort are going to get dearer.

During the presentation of Budget 2017-18, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hiked custom and excise duty on some, while it has been reduced on some products which will eventually lead to commodities getting costlier or cheaper.

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Here is a list of things that will become dearer from April 1, 2017

  •     Cigarettes
  •     Pan masala
  •     Cigar
  •     Cheroots
  •     Paper-rolled handmade bidis
  •     Chewing tobacco
  •     LED lamp components
  •     Cashew nuts (roasted and salted)
  •     Aluminum ores and concentrates
  •     Polymer coated MS tapes used in manufacturing of optical fibres
  •     Silver coins and medallions
  • Apart from this, you will have to pay more premiums for car, motorcycle and health insurance from April 1 as Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has given a green signal to insurers for a commission revision for agents.
  • Here is a list of products that will get cheaper from April 1, 2017
  •     Booking railway tickets online
  •     RO membrane elements for household usage
  •     LNG
  •     Solar tempered glass used in solar panels
  •     Fuel cell based power generating systems
  •     Wind operated energy generator
  •     Vegetable tanning extracts used in making leather products
  •     POS machines card and fingerprint readers
  •     Group insurance for Defence services


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