InFocus Bingo 10 Review

InFocus Bingo 10 Review


Entry-level smartphones aren’t particularly exciting as compared to their higher-end counterparts, for obvious reasons. However, the InFocus Bingo 10 certainly piqued our interest when it showed up in our lab, as it’s currently the only smartphone under Rs. 5,000 to run Android Marshmallow. Considering how most newer and more expensive phones launched recently are still rocking Lollipop, could the InFocus Bingo 10 be the best offering in its segment? Let’s find out.

Look and feel
The Bingo 10 sits at the lowest rung in the series, which includes the InFocus Bingo 21 (Review) and the InFocus Bingo 50 (Review). In terms of build and quality of plastics used, the phone feels rugged and looks like it can easily take a tumble or two. The plastic chassis is comfortable to hold and the textured back cover offers good grip. Our unit had cyan sides and a black back cover, but InFocus offers another option with a lime green border and white back. There are slanting ridges on the sides, which improve the grip.

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Due to the lack of any oleophobic coating, the screen easily picks up fingerprints and smudges which makes it tough to maintain a clean look. With a pixel count of just 217ppi, the 4.5-inch WVGA (480×854) resolution display isn’t very ideal for reading or multimedia activity. Viewing angles aren’t the best either as there’s noticeable colour shift when you tilt the phone vertically. You get on-screen buttons for navigation, which leaves a fair bit of empty space at the bottom. There’s no notification LED, but the front camera is accompanied by an LED flash.

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