How to raise request for refund reissue of cheque from tax department?

How to raise request for refund reissue of cheque from tax department?

NEW DELHI: You might have faced an incident that you need to request the tax department to reissue a refund check. Tax department provides refund reissue when a refund is failed to due to reasons like incorrect account number, expired check, a return of cheque etc.

The Income Tax (IT) department provides the refund in two ways for taxpayers – one is online which directly credits to the account and the other is sending a cheque to the mailing address which is provided at the tax department.

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Here are the steps to follow for refund reissue of cheque

Step 1

Visit the official website of Income Tax

Step 2

Login with your user ID and password

Step 3

It will direct to a new page, and click on ‘my account refund reissue request’

Step 4

Enter your details such as Assessment year, CPC Communication number, refund sequence number, Date of Birth etc to proceed further

Step 5

The next step is to choose the refund option. You can choose between ECS or Paper.

Enter your bank account details. You can change it if required. Select the category and click on submit.

You can provide an address in which you would like to receive the cheque. Then click on submit to proceed. The assessee should provide IFSC code also.

It can be noted that CPC reference number and refund sequence number as can be found in the Order u/s 143(1)/154, Income Tax Act, 1961.

The assessee is advised to visit the official website of IT frequently to check the status of the refund, once the request is submitted.


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