How to Pay ESI Online (Employees’ State Insurance)

How to Pay ESI Online (Employees’ State Insurance)

Full form of ESIC is “Employee’s State Insurance Corporation”. The Payment of ESI is very easy if you follow the below given instructions properly.

(1). Go to and type “ESI payment online”

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(2). Now click on 1st link on the top of page of Google.

(3). You can go to this page also by clicking the below link.

(4). Now a page will appear as under given screenshot.


(5). Now Enter Your Employer Code of Company and fill the Captcha code as given in the image.

(6). Now Click on Search

(7). Now it will show Your Company name and Pending Challan amount.

(8). Now Click on the link for pending amount.

(9). Now you will ask to select the Bank name by which you want to pay the ESI.

(10). So Click on Bank and login it by giving your Bank User ID and Password.

(11). By entering you password you ESI will be paid and you will get a payment challan as the image given under.esi-payment-online

(12). So now this is Done !!



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