How to Get Unlimited Call Log on Android Phone

How to Get Unlimited Call Log on Android Phone

Now Get unlimited call Log on Android using the help of simple Android tweak that will help you to do that by which you can easily maintain the old call records in your android phone. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which this could be done, just read up the article to know about the method!

Any Android device is made in such a way that it could only withhold the limited amount of 500 incoming, outgoing or missed calls record and crossing up the limit just deletes up to the previously saved evaluations. Now for the common users this much limit would be more than enough, and they won’t either require even that much also for keeping in touch with the call records but for some intense users those who need greatly to keep updated with all the calls that they have received or they had made the limit of 500 could be really a barrier. Now if you are the one who wishes to keep up the detailed records of the calls on your Android device then there is a method through which the limit of storing the call logs could be increased to infinity! Yes, to till infinity and your device could then store about unlimited call logs.

How to Get Unlimited Call Log on Android Phone

For this, you will need a Rooted Android, Lollipop OS or higher, Xposed Framework Installed on your device. And After simple step by step guide below.

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Steps to Get unlimited call Log on Android:

  1. Open up the Xposed Installer app and from there just go to the download option and then search for the Unlimited CallLog for LP/MM module or the app. The app would return with the same option, just open that up and swipe to the versions tab there to download it up.
  2. After downloading that module from there just make sure to activate that up and after that restart up the device. This could be easily done through checking up the Modules from the app and then activating the particular one of the options.
  3. And that’s all! Yes, you have done that up and from now onwards your device would store up every of the call log and won’t remove it with the limits of 500 logs.
  4. Unlimited call logs could be then saved on your device, and that’s all. This app works with the most of the Dialer apps and mostly with the stock Android dialers!

This was all about how you could actually get up the Unlimited call log on your Android device and as you have already got up that this is extremely easy to get that up if you have your device rooted before only and you would not require any addition advanced actions to be performed so as to get up the results too. Just follow up the exact steps as given in this article to get up the unlimited call log on the Android device!

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