Google working on another Chromebook Pixel

Google working on another Chromebook Pixel


Google is looking for a quality engineer for the Chromebook Pixel in Shanghai, China.VentureBeat reports that this job listing points to the possibility that Google is working on another Chromebook pixel laptop.

The opening is a pretty senior one, a role that pretty much controls the creation of the new device. The person with the job will be expected to assemble the team, identify and solve roadblocks, and oversee the creation of Google’s next “game-changer.”

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There are two major versions of the Chromebook Pixel launched. The first Chromebook Pixel was launched by Google in 2013. It was a laptop aimed at power users, and featured a touchscreen. The Chromebook Pixel was a deviation from the regular Android approach of making technology available at affordable prices. The next Chromebook Pixel was announced in 2015, and was an upgraded model. The 2015 version was available in two variants, at two pricing tiers. However, the lower priced version has been discontinued.

Apart from the Chromebook Pixels, there was the Chromebook Pixel C, which was a convertible laplet. The device can be used in tablet mode, or a laptop mode. The Pixel C is available in two variants, a 16GB version and a 32 GB version. The Pixel C seemed like Google’s response to the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro.

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