Google Analytics adds plain-English data insights to its mobile apps

Google Analytics adds plain-English data insights to its mobile apps


Google has announced today the addition of automatically generated data insights within the iOS and Android Google Analytics apps.

In a blog post on the Google Analytics Solutions website, the search giant details how the new feature will work:

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Available on the Assistant screen, this addition to Google Analytics lets you see in 5 minutes what might have taken hours to discover previously. Even better: it gets smarter over time as it learns about your business and your needs.

In short, this new capability is similar to the plain-English insights that products such as BeyondCore — recently acquired by Salesforce — provide. It solves the one big problem with analytics solutions: knowing what questions to ask.

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The new functionality uses machine learning and intelligence to take raw data and turn it into understandable information. For example, it might tell you that you had an increase in new visitors in the last week, but it will also attempt to quantify why that is the case and offer suggestions as to how to leverage that information.

You can access these new automated insights in the Assistant tab in the official Google Analytics mobile apps on both Android and iOS for English-speaking users. Google is working to bring this functionality to the web version of Google Analytics and to expand to other languages at a later date.

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