FreedomPop’s SIM will give access to unlimited WhatsApp usage

FreedomPop’s SIM will give access to unlimited WhatsApp usage

FreedomPop’s zero-rated WhatsApp SIM has been launched in the US, giving users free and unlimited WhatsApp usage.Freedom Pop, WhatsApp, Freedom pop free unlimited calls, zero rated WhatsApp, Freedom Pop SIM, Freedom Pop free WhatsApp data, Freedom Pop free data, social, technology, technology news FreedomPop has announced zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in the US, giving users an access to free unlimited WhatsApp usage.

FreedomPop, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) has announced zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in the US. This will give users access to free unlimited WhatsApp usage plus 200MB additional data and 100 voice minutes monthly. FreedomPop is offering the free access plans in 30 countries apart from the US.

“There really is no reason anyone should have to pay for voice and text in today’s environment. Over-the-top communication services like WhatsApp have eliminated the need for traditional voice and text services that carriers still force U.S. users to pay hundreds of dollars a year for,” said Chris Chen, FreedomPop’s SVP Product. According to Chen, FreedomPop plans are more popular in developing countries. There are similar providers like T-Mobile’s BingeOn and Nextel Brazil offering free WhatsApp usage.

FreedomPop’s zero-rate WhatsApp SIM service makes it easier for users to communicate while they are abroad, without additional roaming charges. The FreedomPop SIM is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The service is live in the US, UK, Germany, France, Portugal and Italy, and others. FreedomPop launched its zero-rated WhatsApp plan in Spain last month.

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According to SurveyMonkey, Facebook-owned WhatsApp was downloaded more than 18.6 million times in the US in the first six months of 2016.  We’ll have to wait and see which country is next on Freedom Pop’s list. FreedomPop claims, the service witnessed high demand for its free service in the UK.  WhatsApp remains one of the most popular and downloaded apps in India, and an option like this in India will appeal to many. Of course whether such as zero-rated SIM is net neutral is another question.

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