Flipkart offers Rs 22,000 off on Apple iPhone 6, if you exchange an Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Flipkart offers Rs 22,000 off on Apple iPhone 6, if you exchange an Apple iPhone 6s Plus


If you are looking for a premium smartphone, probably the first brand that comes to mind is Apple. The iPhone is a desirable smartphone and a status symbol for many. However, if you don’t mind getting the latest one, you could try your hand on the older iPhones as prices slash immediately after a new version is launched.

We’ve just got confirmation that the iPhone 6 is currently available for about Rs 10,000 on Flipkart under exchange offer. The 16GB variant of the iPhone 6 is getting a discount of up to Rs 22,000 on the e-commerce platform. There is also an option of paying through EMI along with discounts of up to 5 percent from a few selected banks.

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 But, there is a catch. There is always a catch.

To avail the discount of Rs 22,000, you will have to exchange a device that calculates to that amount or somewhere close to it. Only the iPhone 6s Plus offers such a value.

Seriously Flipkart? Why would someone give in a newer model to get discount for an old model? It may sound funny, but you can check for yourself. On top of that, the exchange offer is ‘Flipkart Assured’.


This shows that Flipkart doesn’t monitor its exchange offers. This is also bad news for Android users as no Android device, at least from what we checked, offers an exchange value of Rs 22,000. Under Samsung, there is no option for Samsung flagships from at least a couple of generations. Another point to note is that the list of devices that can be exchanged is missing other flagship Android devices too.

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