Five weapons in PUBG you should avoid

Five weapons in PUBG you should avoid

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale game where 100-players jump from a plane on an island, collect weapons, armours and other necessary items to survive, and the last one standing gets to eat chicken dinner, or in other words, emerges victorious. The key aspect here is to survive and to survive one should have the idea about the types of weapons they should use in the game.

The game offers around 37 guns and few of them are really good and can be used to a devastating effect. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the guns you should avoid carrying with you. Based on their base impact and the number of hits they take to kill an enemy. Here are our pick of five guns that you need to avoid:

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1. P18C
P18C is a full-automatic pistol with base damage of 23. This pistol takes around 3 headsots/5 chest shots/5 waist shots to kill. The gun uses 9mm bullets which have a bullet speed of 375 m/s.

2. P92
P92 is a pistol-type gun in PUBG and offers good stability between fire speed and ammo capacity. The gun uses 9mm bullets which have a base damage of 35. It takes around 2 headshots/3 chest shots/4 waist shots to kill.

This gun belongs to the shotgun segment in the game which can be a good alternative as a pistol alternative. However, with base damage of 20, the game offers even less damage than most of the pistols. Sawed-off will take 4 to 8 hits to kill an enemy and hence we recommend you to avoid this gun.

4. S686
This is another shotgun from the game which has a base damage of 24 and it only works in short range. The gun also takes a while to reload and can lead you to your grave in the game. From the short range also, S686 will take around 3-4 hits and 5-6 hits to penetrate the chest and head of your enemy.

5. SK12
With a base damage strength of 22, the SK12 offers nothing more than your punch. The SK12 is a semi-automatic shotgun but lacks in range. However, in close combat, it can sometimes help you survive at the beginning of the game but in the long run it’s a big disadvantage for the players.





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