Facebook wants to start taking over your life, one weekend at a time

Facebook wants to start taking over your life, one weekend at a time


Facebook has started rolling out a Featured Events feature to iOS users in the US. Unlike regular Facebook Events, which apparently 550 million people use on a regular basis, Featured Events will feature “hand-picked gatherings.” These events will be highlighted in a carousel in your app.

While the regular Facebook Events are algorithmically sorted based on your interests and what your friends are doing, Featured Events will be curated by a select few Facebook users. Any event can be picked by the curator, including art, entertainment, festivals and even fitness events.

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Facebook’s Aditya Koolwal tells TechCrunch that Facebook Events, while algorithmically sorted, don’t always give you enough of a heads-up before an event. Featured Events might change that and allow you to plan in advance. Koolwal also adds that curators will not be allowed to include events focusing on “politics or worship” so as to avoid any sort of serious controversy.

He also adds that Facebook will do its best to keep small or private events out of the carousel as those places might not be able to handle large crowds. Also being introduced are category specific windows that highlight music or food, etc.

Koolwal also clarifies that there will not be a separate Featured Events app at this time and that all features would be integrated into Facebook.

If this feature works out as expected, Facebook might just end up as the one-stop-shop for everything you need to do in a city.

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