Facebook pulls out Bastille Day video after public outrage

Facebook pulls out Bastille Day video after public outrage


As the world’s largest social network, Facebook’s actions have a significant impact on its users. The social network has often found itself amidst controversies and the recent one has been, as many believe, its alleged attempt at becoming a news source. It recently faced public ire on posting a video of the aftermath in Nice during Bastille Day.

Those not in the know, Facebook’s Newswire Page had picked an Instagram video of the aftermath in Nice that shows how the deadly truck mowed down citizens who gathered on the streets of Nice to watch the Bastille Day fireworks celebration. By making the graphic video public, the social giant was hurting sentiment. The French Interior Ministry also reportedly asked people not to share graphic images.

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The video does caution users before watching, but many took to the comments section to vent out their anger. People in those videos could be identified, and showing them to the world, meant worsening their injuries and disrespecting their families, many believed. “Facebook’s Newswire Page editorial team could have also censored the video itself and re-posted with accreditation to the original Instagram user. But Facebook’s Newswire Page chose to try and keep up with Twitter as a breaking news source, and that’s clearly not what its users want from it. Even Twitter is throttling back,” points outTheNextWeb.

However, Facebook doesn’t realise that Twitter has always been known to be the source for breaking news, while Facebook has been playing the ‘stay connected’ role. Its ambition to become a news source or search giant, may not necessarily be taken well by many.

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