Facebook might soon require Aadhaar card linking

Facebook might soon require Aadhaar card linking

Update: Facebook has now confirmed that it is testing the optional prompt and it is not mandatory for people to enter the name on their Aadhaar card. The social media giant has stated that this will make it easy for friends to recognize them on Facebook.

Aadhaar card linking is the talk everywhere as it has become mandatory to link it with bank accounts and mobile numbers. Following the same, it looks like the Aadhaar verification has made its way to the social media as well.

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Social media linking of the Aadhaar card might sound like a far-fetched dream but the same has been spotted by a Reddit user who has shared the screenshot. Also, a report by MySmartPrice has shown that Facebook is prompting new users to type in their name as given in their Aadhaar card. Though there is no confirmation regarding the same, this points out that Facebook could be testing Aadhaar integration in order to curb the menace of fake profiles that is becoming a major concern and put an end to online harassment.

The report notes that the Aadhaar prompt is encountered only when trying to create a new account from Safari web browser on the iOS devices. Also, it is tipped that the prompt does not appear to all the users and that it is random.

Facebook might soon require Aadhaar card linking

The report goes on adding that the Aadhaar prompt is not visible for everyone who registers for a new account on Facebook. We tried to create an account on various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS and web but it did not appear to us.

It also notes that the social media giant is not forcing users to link their account to their Aadhaar card. Given that the prompt appears while creating a new Facebook account, there could be a possibility for the linking to make its way to the existing accounts anytime in the near future.

Back in 2011, at the Aadhaar Developer Track conference, Nandan Nilekani, the architect of Aadhaar and then UIDAI Chairman stated that the Aadhaar number could be used as an identity verification tool across social media networks. The reason is that UID is an easy way to verify one’s account on Twitter and Facebook. And, any user can get verified accounts with their UID credentials.

Having said that, we need to wait for an official confirmation from Facebook regarding the Aadhaar card linking with the social media accounts.


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