Facebook Messenger now has more than a billion active users

Facebook Messenger now has more than a billion active users


Facebook Messenger has just crossed the one-billion-active-user mark. The app now joins the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook, both owned by Facebook Inc. by the way, in an elite club.

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Number of monthly active users by platform. Sources: Statista, Wikipedia

Facebook thanked their billion users in a blog post yesterday, and commemorated the milestone with a special emoji and a video. Facebook Messenger users will also receive a notification when they open their app. Also, just try sending someone a balloon emoji!

Screenshot_20160721-092401In their blog post, Facebook very joyously points out that we’re sending 22 million gifs a day, that we’ve played 1.2 billion games of basketball and at least 250 million games of soccer. We’ve also apparently sent our moms 300 million flower stickers and 360 million valentines to our loved ones.

We’re actually surprised that so many games are played on Facebook Messenger. On an interesting side note, 10 percent of worldwide VoIP calls are apparently made on Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp, another Facebook property, hit the one billion mark in February this year. Facebook itself already boasts of over 1.65 billion active user, though it did hit the 1 billion mark in early 2012.

Facebook Messenger is more than just a messaging platform though. Mark Zuckerberg himself is keen to push Messenger as more than just a messaging platform and bots are expected to take centre-stage.

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